Annual Subscription
To further support CAS users and provide access to the most up to date standards, materials, and resources, CAS has begun offering an annual subscription for users seeking the most updated versions of our standards, products, and new resources.

For users looking for complete access to the CAS standards, resources, and tools, a subscription provides the greatest level access to CAS. It includes access to:
- one (1) copy of CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education (11.1 version)
- access to revised functional area standards for each of the CAS functional areas between publications of the CAS book
- updated Self-Assessment Guides for each of the CAS functional areas
- access to all of the CAS Cross-Functional Frameworks
- the Multifunctional Review Guide
- Do-It-Yourself CAS Self-Study Guide

And all other CAS resources, including those published during subscription year.

The value of purchasing each of these items separately is over $3300. Users can purchase an annual subscription for $999 and will receive updates throughout the year as CAS develops new products and resources.

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