The CFF for First-Year Experiences (FYE) was produced by CAS, in partnership with the National Resource Center for First-Year Experiences and Students in Transition (NRT), and is essential to the work of people involved with first-year students, programs, and services. The CFF for FYE lays out a flexible, high quality framework for coordinating integrated and intentional campus-wide efforts to support first-year student success. Institutions looking for guidelines to structure partnerships with departments, arrange horizontal leadership, and develop buy-in and sustainability of first-year efforts can look to the CAS CFF for FYE as a trusted resource for best practice developed by experts and promoted by a reliable organization that, itself, is based on principles of cross-functional collaboration.

Simply put, the CAS CFF for FYE is an essential tool for institutions that want to prioritize student success and make it a central activity on campus. Moreover, the principles in the CFF for FYE are transferrable and can be adapted to support student success beyond the first year, such as the sophomore year, senior year, and transfer year.

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