The cases highlighted in this Functional Area Resource Paper (FARP) for the CAS Standards for Learning Assistance Programs (LAP) demonstrate approaches to LAP used by a broad spectrum of colleges and programs. The intent of this paper is that it can serve as a resource for many different users of the CAS LAP Standards and spark new insights for conducting a self-study, no matter the geographical location, their type of college, or historical knowledge about the standards. Each case summary provides a background description that contextualizes the program and university, a section describing the steps implementing the standards, and at the end a special section about “lessons learned” to assist different users of the standards with suggestions for conducting a worthwhile self-study. Thus, the members of the committee compiling these case studies intentionally selected the following cases to show how the CAS LAP Standards may support both institutional and program assessment goals that in the end will buttress high-quality programs for students.
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