The cases in this resource paper engage a variety of WGPS forms and functions and highlight the diversity of means through which CAS Standards can assist in the building, refining, and advancement of Women’s and Gender Programs and Services. In the first case study CAS Standards were used to support the development of a new Women’s Center at Georgia College. At the University of Rhode Island a new Women’s Center Director utilized CAS Standards to develop immediate and long-term priorities and to determine the extent to which programs and services contribute to student learning, development, and success. The University of Houston case study illustrates use of CAS Standards as the framework for executing a formal, comprehensive program review and assessment planning. The Community College of Philadelphia case study provides insight into using CAS Standards as a resource to support daily operations and for program self-study. And the final case study offers perspective on WGPS CAS Standards as an advocacy tool, including for women and gender programs and services housed outside of Student Affairs.
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